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Consultation Appraisal

Consultation Appraisal®



From $425

Our Consultation Appraisal® is a full appraisal giving a current market value for the property with an "insurance policy". If we appraise your home prior to you listing your property and a buyers bank appraisal comes in low our appraiser will write a rebuttal letter on your behalf countering the bank appraisal. We will support you through the process.

Commercial Appraisal

Commercial Appraisal

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Let us help your determine the current value of your investment by ordering the D.S. Murphy Commercial Appraisal. We offer fully documented Commercial Real Estate Appraisals using Commercial evaluations and complete Commercial review rervices

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Have any questions about appraisal? Unsure of what kind service you need? Contact us and we will do our best to point you in the right direction with our appraisal team!

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